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Fraudsters! Now I am even more careful in selecting sites for investing bets and casinos

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The site is easy to use

The site is easy to use. There is a great variety, but it loads very slowly.

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Website looks sketchy

Website looks sketchy. I found online in Google. I don't like, website but games appear gentle. New to Bitcoin looking for trustworthy games I desire to WIN

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Scammers!!!! Lost my money on this loser site

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Scamming website

Scamming website, endorses scamming bitcoin companies and will not take them down even if you report it to them and show proof.

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I am not satisfied with this website

I am not satisfied with this website, it's a scam

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Direct BitCoin withdrawal with ATM card. 12k EUR/day.

- 12k EUR/day limit- every customer accepted- from every country- 100% anonymous.Search for PLATINUM BITCOIN CARD

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This website referred me to a SCAM website!

Most people believed that the path to a man’s heart passes through the things he enjoys most. I happen to be just one of those people and in order to win the guy of my dreams, decided to join an online casino. As you probably suspect already, he was an enthusiast gambler, who never lose a chance to tell you about it. To say that I had no idea of what gambling meant is to say too little. I had to almost take courses in poker and roulette before even considering joining a casino. However, when I saw no other alternative I went online and started looking for the perfect casino for me. I wanted something simple and fair, at the same time, as I had no money to throw away. Discovering the great service of the gambling review sites I continued to look for the most simple and straight forward among them. seemed as the perfect choice at the time and I really was glad to have only three options to choose from. Once my choice was made I created my account and took my first tentative steps in the world of online gambling. The result was the expected, most of the times I lost, but now a then I had a good win that was even sweeter after all the loses. Now, I had something of interests to talk about with the love of my life and he was more than happy to share my experience and give me some great advice. However, once he heard about the online casino I was playing with he looked concerned. According to him, the casino had a very bad reputation among the gambling community and too many people had been scammed by it in the past. When I Google it I saw that he was right. I visited once again and asked for an explanation. No one ever returned my emails and nothing changed on its platform. However, I did the reasonable thing and withdrew the rest of my Bitcoin from the online casino. They were not happy about it, but at my insistence they let me go., on the other hand, is something different. This review site plays with its viewers and helps in scamming them. Be aware of the fact and stay away from

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Someone should SHUTDOWN this website!

In my gambling experience every time a site proclaimed too loudly and sincerely that it was not a scam, the reason behind that usually was the opposite one. The online gambling reputation is steadily being ruined by websites that have in mind only their own profit and nothing else. For example, the worst of them you can find among the so called gambling review websites that supposedly are there to help you escape scams. My experience is with the one called Bestbitcoincasino that only recently appeared online. From the first moment I saw the website I decided that it was not worth my time and effort, so I closed it and went to look at something more appropriate for my needs. However, one of my best friends made the mistake to read and follow its instructions, resulting in being scammed for more than 10 Bitcoin. My friend spent more than a month disputing with the casino Bestbitcoincasino recommended, while I decided to take the review website. So, I went through all the reviews there and noticed their positive voice and lack of details. It was obvious that Bestbitcoincasino was aiming to advertize certain casinos, known for their bad reputation and disputable habits. The next step I took was to write a perfect negative review about one of those online casinos and send it to Bestbitcoincasino. I expected at least to receive some answer, but whoever is managing the website never answered me or posted the review. My next emails were full of questions about the reasons why only positive reviews were finding space on the Bestbitcoincasino’s page and what happened to my own review, but no one ever answered them. The way Bestbitcoincasino is acting defies the purpose of the review site. Its work should consist in simply reviewing and not promoting online casinos. And there should be as much negative reviews as positive ones posted on the site. Bestbitcoincasino is obviously a scam website.

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I am only too well aware of the fact that the internet is populated with many fake and scam website that make sure to look genuine in order to be able to do their work. Many of the review sites are also tainted with fake reviews and with that are making it almost impossible for online gamblers to detect a safe site from a scam. Instead of analyzing the website information and providing a trust guide that assists in determining the risks, websites like BestBitCoinCasino do the opposite – they help scammers to rob you. My first encounter with BestBitCoinCasino was prompted by my best friend, who is an enthusiast online gambler and reviewer. So, he was laughing his head off while telling me about this particular website. According to him, its design, content and reviews were so badly concealing its purpose that it was almost painful. That night I went to visit BestBitCoinCasino and see for myself. I knew immediately that my friend was right. No reviewing website should look like that and can afford to post only positive reviews. To prove my point I wrote to the guy and send him a negative review about one of the reviewed online casinos. As I was expecting it never appeared on the website and I never received an explanation why. I suppose BestBitCoinCasino follows the modern system of gaining money through the promotion of scam. Do not believe the lies about big bonuses and sure winnings, not until you try for yourself. Too many websites today gain from your trusting nature and easy going. Stop making deposits in casinos that so many people report as scam. You are not different from the rest, if they scammed all of them, what will stop them from scamming you? BestBitCoinCasino made a big mistake – instead of reviewing it engaged in advertizing online casinos. The moment a reviewing website starts to behave that way, it loses all of its credibility.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars



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