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I'm with a pending withdraw in the…

I'm with a pending withdraw in the value of 2535 BRL at this site since February, 25 and I think they won't pay me.Horrible, Stay Away from then, must be fake. If they pay me I can review my note!!!Horrible!!!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Dont waste money - Scam

Dont waste money. They tok 300 euro from my account due to som hidden terms. I always read everything that is written around the term of bonus. I won almost 600 euro ned suddebly 300 euro just disapear. «Taken to system» the log says.

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Processing withdrawal for more than 21 days.

Please stay away! I have no idea who put more than 1 star for this operator, but my withdrawal still pending for 21 days now. Requested 01/03/2024. No updates, no info, just automated, stupid replies in chat.Will update if I receive a payment.

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PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!if you loose money, its never and issue but if you win money they will just claim you broke terms and conditions and take it, this site is a SCAM, PLEASE do not use it ever. They are horrible!! the worst site and customer experince I ever used, there are plenty more out there, this site is not worth it TRUST ME

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The average rating is not 2.1…

The average rating is not 2.1 Trustpilot seems not be able to calculate an average correctly. Betnflix pretends not to understand their own terms ( term 8)Term 8 states that you can bet max the deposit that is needed to receive max bonus. With 100 euro and 100 percent bonus that means 100 euro like their example given. But with bonus of 100 and 50 percent deposit bonus 200 is needed to receive and should be max bet. Otherwise it would just be a simple max bet size is same as bonus size rule. Which it is in the case of a 100 percent bonus but not 50 percent.They are part of LCS limited and all should be avoided. They stole more from me( they contacted eachother, probably) in 1 month then others did in 7 years before.

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Stay away it’s a scam

Stay away it’s a scam , I was with a balance of 60,000€ , and they take the money

Date of experience: {{new Date(Number("1699218000000")).toLocaleDateString("en-US", { weekday: 'long', year: 'numeric', month: 'long', day: 'numeric' })}}

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Stay away

Stay away. I received a reload-bonus-offer and turned over both the deposit and the bonus. I deposited 30 euro. I knew I had to place bets of at least 1.50 and was only able to withdraw 450 euro. When the money was turned over I had exactly 450 euro, so I verified my account and tried to withdraw. But I was told I had broken the rules and they took my money. Sad that they have to do this to honest people, but that's why everyone should know about them. Stay away, people.

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITEThis website is a scam. It is impossible to verify your account.

Date of experience: {{new Date(Number("1692910800000")).toLocaleDateString("en-US", { weekday: 'long', year: 'numeric', month: 'long', day: 'numeric' })}}

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These scammers stole $251 from me

These scammers stole $251 from me! They wrote that my neteller wallet and the money that is on it does not belong to me!!! I have never seen such nonsense in my life! Neteller wallet is fully verified! All data is registered personally on me! Betnflix casinos are the real scammers!!!

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As everyone else says almost impossible…

As everyone else says almost impossible to get your money out. They will ask for addirional documents. 48 hours limit they say for withdrawal is not True it will také longer than 48 hours to even get a response. Dont deposit to this site it will only cause you harm they are horrid.

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Impossible KYC

To verify your account on this site and complete a withdrawal, you need a ”Proof of Residency”. In most countries you need to specifically order it which usually costs money. In Finland it is 10€. So if you don’t have an official Proof of Residency waiting around, withdrawing money is very difficult. Stay away from this scam of a site.

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Dont play

I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the unprofessional nature of your casino services. I am appalled by the difficult and unreasonable verification process that BetNFlix Casino requires its customers to undergo. I have encountered numerous obstacles when attempting to verify my account, as you seem to accept very few forms of documentation. Even after successfully completing the verification process, I have been repeatedly requested to provide additional documents, which seems to be a deliberate ploy to generate unnecessary delays and hinder my gaming experience.Moreover, I am extremely disappointed in the quality of customer support provided by BetNFlix Casino. Each time I reached out for assistance, I received automated responses and generic messages that did not address my specific concerns. It is disheartening to have my genuine inquiries constantly met with unhelpful replies, as it leaves me feeling neglected and unsupported as a customer.Furthermore, I would like to express my frustration with the limitations imposed on withdrawals by BetNFlix Casino. With a maximum withdrawal limit of 1000 euros and a 48-hour waiting period, it seems that your casino is purposefully creating obstacles to hinder customers' ability to access their winnings promptly. These limitations are not only inconvenient but also raise suspicions about the integrity of your establishment's operations.Finally, it is worth noting that I am aware that BetNFlix Casino is affiliated with LCS. The substandard service I have received only reinforces my belief that this is an organized effort to exploit unsuspecting customers, making it seem like a dubious game designed to ensure players lose instead of maintaining their trust and fair gameplay.I find these practices wholly unacceptable, and as a dissatisfied customer, I expect immediate rectification of these issues. I demand a review of your verification process to make it more user-friendly and efficient. Additionally, I request a commitment to providing responsive and personalized customer support to address customers' concerns promptly. Lastly, I strongly urge you to reassess the withdrawal limits and waiting time to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience that encourages transparency and trust between the casino and its customers.Failure to address these concerns and resolve the issues mentioned will leave me with no other option than to share my negative experience with online review platforms and relevant regulatory authorities. I hope that BetNFlix Casino takes this matter seriously and works towards improving its services for the satisfaction of its customers.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Its a terrible website

Its a terrible website. They have withdrawal limits you can cash out 1000 euro in one time . What a joke . The live assist is equal with a zero . Live assist absolutely useless. I have 10,000 euro winnings . Every third day they send the money. its means i need to wait 30 days for my winnings absolutely a joke website when i got all my money i will never deposit 1 cent to this website

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Keep yourself very far away from this…

Keep yourself very far away from this website !!!!!!!!! This website its a non professional website ! Don’t trust your money to unprofessional peoples!! There is no live assist !! Even if you have a lucky to talk with someone they are absolutely useless because they are not allowed to change anything on your status or your proofs of your address or identity! So they are just there to send you the auto messages ! So they contact you via email , guess what ? The same auto messages !! You do not talk to a real person !! Withdrawals ? Withdrawal its absolutely terrible 1 week ago im waiting for the cash out ! One week ! Once they send me an email what says ik fully verified, another day im making a withdrawal and they declined for me, because they need a photograph proof where im standing with a piece of paper and hand writed my name my birth date and the name of the website. What a nonsense , the verification its very difficult they accept only those kind of documents what they ask for ! Does not matter i sent them 6 different letters from the government what shows my name and address they didn’t accept. Now im fully verified, im already waiting for the withdrawal its still pending, they say normally 2 working days. Im already waiting 1 week ago. Nonsense non professional what else i do not seen any money yet so its even could be a scam website ! Im contacting with the Dutch police already !

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars



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Welkom bij BetNFlix Casino, een opwindende online gokbestemming die het beste combineert van twee werelden: entertainment van een streamingplatform en opwinding van een casino. Bij Betnflix Casino draait alles om het bieden van een unieke en meeslepende gokervaring, aangedreven door innovatie en een overvloed aan keuzes.


Bij BetNFlix Casino ontvang je een aantrekkelijke welkomstbonus van 100% tot €200, geldig voor 10 dagen. De inzetvereisten zijn 50 keer de storting plus bonus, met een maximale inzet van €5.

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Bij BetNFlix Casino staat de klantenservice altijd klaar om je te helpen. Ons team van toegewijde professionals streeft ernaar om elke vraag of elk probleem snel en efficiënt op te lossen. We begrijpen hoe belangrijk het is om een probleemloze gokervaring te hebben, daarom bieden we ondersteuning via meerdere kanalen, waaronder livechat, e-mail en telefonische ondersteuning. Ons doel is om ervoor te zorgen dat je te allen tijde de beste service ontvangt.


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