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The "special" rules at

I recently tried my luck with an online casino site called I read a lot of good reviews and ratings about it in the forums, so even if the reviews were not all so convincing, I went ahead and decided to try it. However, in order to be safe I deposited only 4 bitcoins into my account. After few weeks of playing with the site I had a lot of complains, but here I am going to talk about the gravest of them. During my second week at I noticed that my winnings were not calculated correctly. It is not so complicated for players to multiply and know how much the payout should be. was not doing the calculations correctly, I was losing a small percentage with every bet I won. At first I thought that it was some mistake and either or I were doing something wrong while calculating. However, when after two more weeks the problems did not disappeared and the percentage started to go up, I began really to worry. I did the only thing there was to do, send an email to their support service and explained carefully and in details my situation. needed more than one week to come up with an answer and when they finally answered me, it was to tell me that I was banned from their site. The next logical question was WHY? But, had no more time for me, they gave me two days time to make withdrawal and close my account, or, as they threatened, they will do it for me. What do you think was I scammed? Oh, yes – thought that I was just one of those gamblers, who never check up their winnings and accept everything the casino gives them without complain. Once I started asking too many questions and showing that I have discovered their scamming scheme they had to get rid of me immediately. Be aware of the fact and always keep a log of all your bets that way cannot scam you so easily.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

FAKE! FRAUD! SCAM! I am Pissed!

It is very difficult for me to describe the service Casinobitco provided for me and the way it treated me. I want them labeled as scammers because of their unethical behavior towards their own clients and the fact that they stole all my winning and blamed it all on me. This particular experience was very hard on me, but they chose to make it even worst. All my questions were met with indifference and answered in very rude tone. The customers’ support of Casinobitco has a lot to learn in order to earn its name. Gamblers know only too well all the problems and difficulties we have to bear in order to be allowed to have some hours of fun. What about the days we have to wait for withdrawal? Casinobitco can really improve that feature. The last time I requested a payout they left me waiting for four weeks before allowing it to happen. And we all have heard the horror stories that speak of months and even years of waiting. I start to wonder if all this is worth the few hours of fun I get from the casino. So, here is what happened, I bet with Casinobitco for years now and was quite happy with it all. I was not expecting very much from it and my bets were so big anyway. However, when I made an unexpected big win I really thought that things were going to turn around. How quick I was to get happy? At my request for withdrawal Casinobitco answered with a week of silence and when finally the email came they told me that the won by me bet was canceled. They were taking the matter in their own hands and taking the money from me. For some other mysterious reason I was requested (very politely) to pay a fee for the transaction and may be leave the Casinobitco for good. Believe me; at that point I wanted nothing else. Casinobitco is nothing but a big online scam.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I agree! A ripoff casino indeed! appears to be your typical everyday online casino. What I mean is, when you look at the website and the games it offers, you too may be fooled like I was. I personally have much experience with online casinos. You could say that I am considered by many to be a seasonal online gambler. So of course when I initially went on the website,, the last thought on my mind was that this website was actually a fraudulent site dedicated to wrongfully taking your money. I am here to share my experience and warn you by telling my story about how this website scammed me. I first began by depositing 5BTC. I started to play and after a week of playing, I had won about 1.5BTC. I found the games to be mediocre, at best. So I decided to withdraw my winnings. As soon as I began the withdraw process, I was immediately blocked with no explanation whatsoever. I did what anyone would do in that situation and contacted ‘s “customer support”. At first they told me that I should not take out any of my winnings because a “bonus weekend” was coming up and I would lose out on a lot of money. This is exactly what I told them, “Oh that’s okay, I just want to withdraw some of my money, not all of it”. They said that I could not withdraw it because their main online accountant was not their. I asked when he would be there and the so called customer service told me they they did not know. They even had the balls to ask me if I wanted to deposit more money, and that they would give me special website features and access to bonus games. This is when I knew I was getting ripped off. I continuously told them I was not interested and I would just like my winnings back but they refused. I was told to wait for emails. Of course they never came. I knew after waiting about a week that this website what a cheap scam. They would eventually not respond to my messages. This website is attempting to trick gamblers to deposit bit coins with them and will disappear very soon. Please consider what I have gone through. My advice, STAY AWAY FROM THE CHEAP SCAM THAT IS Before you know it they led you on, lied to you, and took your money. These guys should be ashamed of themselves.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A total RIPOFF casino!

If you spend some time surfing online, you will find more than one proof of the scam operation run by There reputation as scammers is well established and they are well known for their dishonest business practices. The casino is listed among the biggest scammers on many Bitcoin review sites and most gamblers stay away from it. However, the first time I heard about it was still a new and attractive option to play casino games online. For quite a period of time I had no problems with them and was happily betting, wining, withdrawing and depositing money again. It all changed in few days – I could not believe my eyes, it looked as if I was playing with a completely different website. It become impossible to withdraw Bitcoin – I had to wait for months. Suddenly, I become also a cheater and they threatened to lock my account if I do not stop. I am a good player, who uses some well thought techniques, but I am certainly not a miracle worker, able to outwit their software. At this moment, I was ready to close my account and find some other website to bet with, but they were delaying my withdraws and I was afraid that I was going to lose all my Bitcoin. So, I continue to bet, but changed the games I played. I thought that if they see that I am no longer “cheating” them, they will let me take my money and go. It turned out that had other plans for my Bitcoin. Although, I was mostly loosing now, they anyway decided to lock my account and refused to let me withdraw any Bitcoin. No emails, calls or complains were able to make them change their mind. I lose a lot, and was given no acceptable explanation why. may look as your best dream, but in reality it turns out to be your worst nightmare. There are other casinos online that will treat you with respect and will let you play safely. Stay away from and safe your money. is a deceiving scam that waits for the right moment to take away your money.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

One of the most believable SCAMS online! has not been a great experience for me. I have always had a good betting strategy, which has won me a good amount of money in standard online casinos, but my tactics were not very well received by I have had nothing but problems with these scammers on a grand scale. The most annoying thing is that they accused me of scamming them. I was told by their so called investigators that the pattern in which I placed my bets looked like a scam to them. I was so angry! They do not allow anyone win anything and in turn accuse their players of cheating. What a scam! I asked them to show me which of my patterns of bets they considered cheating in their investigations, and the weird thing is that I have not heard anything from them since I asked. In the meantime they’re holding my Bitcoin in my locked account and I can’t touch it. I cannot believe this is happening to me in this advanced time, and I am so sorry I ever made a deposit at and gave them a good chunk of my BTC. I wish they would just admit to being scammers and cheaters, which is what they are. I hope to get this message across to other would-be gamblers at this crooked casino – watch what you’re doing and I hope you won’t have to go through all the trouble that I had to go through with them. has definitely been unlucky for me and you will be the unlucky one too if you ever give them any of your Bitcoin. I wish I had never deposited anything because I hate this hassle and I don’t have time for this nonsense.

Date of experience: {{new Date(Number("1403035200000")).toLocaleDateString("en-US", { weekday: 'long', year: 'numeric', month: 'long', day: 'numeric' })}}

Rated 5 out of 5 stars is one of the worst casinos I have dealt with!

Never ever try gambling at It is a sight full of low-life scammers looking to rid you of your Bitcoins for themselves. How do I know this? Well, as an occasional online gambler and a very consistent bitcoin miner, I wanted to give online gambling a shot. So I searched across internet for a site I can gamble with my bitcoins. That's how I came across Their registration process seemed pretty simple enough, so I got to playing fairly quickly. I decided to play poker, and I admit that it was fun. I was on a roll. I won a lot of hands, and I lost some too. The dealer and the players, including me, thought that the games were pretty fair. When I had my fill of gambling for the day, I decided to stop playing and withdraw my winnings and that's when the problems started. See, if you haven't played a single game of online poker with bitcoins, delays with your withdrawals can be a very big issue for you. That was the case for me. I was concerned I was getting scammed out of my bitcoins so I tried to ask other players I knew. They told me that withdrawal delays were normal and that almost everyone experiences them. I decided to wait it out. A week passed, and I still didn't receive my withdrawal. Two weeks passed, still nothing. Three weeks passed, still nothing. The weeks started to add up, and the weeks turned into months. Now, I'm at three months, still waiting, still nothing. I've tried contacting their customer support e-mail address numerous times over the last three months and they have yet to reply to my e-mails and I'm starting to believe that they never will. Even my friends that initially told me that delayed withdrawals were normal started to wonder what happened. is a website that both professional and amateur online gamblers should stay away from. I believe that is an online gambling website that's part of an intricate network of scams that aim to take your bitcoins away from you. I've lost a lot of money gambling in It's very frustrating to think that sites like these actually exist. I will never gamble in, you should to. Stay away, and save your bitcoins!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars smells like SCAM! has been around for a while, but they have only recently started scamming players on a large scale and are turning into a rogue operation pretty rapidly. I won a pretty big jackpot while playing Blackjack and after making sure I met all the wagering requirements I submitted a request for a withdrawal. contacted me straight away to tell me the bad news – I would have to receive my 50 Bitcoin in monthly installments of 10-20 Bitcoin per month. I was furious because Bitcoin’s exchange rate at the time was very volatile and I wanted to make the most out of the USD I was going to exchange it for. was adamant – I was to receive installments or nothing at all. What a joke! I asked for my request to be escalated to someone in charge and only then it seemingly got resolved – I was told that my entire balance would be transferred into my wallet within 24 hours. Sure enough I logged in the next day to see if the Bitcoin has left my player account on It hasn’t. In addition to that I was not able to play any further and all bets were disabled on my account. I spoke to live chat and I was told that because of unusual activity from an account with the same IP address as mine, they put a hold on my funds and they would not be released until further notice. I am furious. I still think that they are just stalling and making up nonsense excuses to feed me while I wait. I am not quite sure what to do now, but the only thing I know is that my Bitcoin is still with and not in my wallet. This smells like a large-scale scam!

Date of experience: {{new Date(Number("1401825600000")).toLocaleDateString("en-US", { weekday: 'long', year: 'numeric', month: 'long', day: 'numeric' })}}

Rated 5 out of 5 stars



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