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This bonus can be wagered only with…

20 depozito bonosu oynamak istiyorum

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Steal all your money on the slots

Steal all your money on the slots. It’s impossible to win. STAY WELL AWAY. YOU WONT WIN. FIX

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I still waiting for my 5000 withdraw…

I still waiting for my 5000 withdraw .No one is answering? Can someone give a number where can I contact them?plese

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Still waiting on my Money £130 there…

Still waiting on my Money £130 there quick enough to take it but not quick enough to put it in your wallet? they said it will be in at the end of the day and it’s almost half 4

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I won some money almost a month ago

I won some money almost a month ago. It was processed on the 3/11/23 and it’s still not arrived in my account. I have been told that the payment department is investigating what’s happened but no other communication when asked what’s happening. It’s almost impossible to get hold of anyone, they barely reply to emails and the chat is a bot. Their customer service is awful and they don’t care about their customers, I would avoid this site like the plague. I have never been treated this badly by any business before, I have screenshot after screenshot of me trying to get through to anyone and just being ignored! My case has been going on for weeks and doesn’t seem to be any closer to being resolved. They are happy to take your money but don’t want to pay out. Please avoid this site as if you win the chances of you actually receiving your winnings are pretty slim. Awful, awful service!

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Stay away

So whilst trying to withdraw, my withdrawal had been processed, it says it can take 2-7 days to reach my bank. Today was the 7th day and the withdrawal has been cancelled and my winnings showing in the gaming account again. I have uploaded all relevant documents so there’s no reason why the withdrawal would have been cancelled. Funny how it’s happened on the last day. So now I have to start the process again, so probably going to be at least another 10 days for it to be processed, only for it to be cancelled again. Absolute joke. Stay well clear of this casino. They don’t want to pay you your winnings

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Disgusting robbing company still won’t…

Disgusting robbing company still won’t pay me out the winnings but are happy to keep taking Never ever play with this company as you can’t win

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This site is a con

This site is a con. I spent £600 over 12 different games and not a single bonus round. There’s much better sites out there with good RTP. Don’t waste your money, you’ll regret it!

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I log in and it say Stuart we need more…

I log in and it say Stuart we need more info then takes you nowhere how do you get by that

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I have sent my birth certificate as ID…

I have sent my birth certificate as ID as I don’t have a passport or drive and it stated that a birth certificate would be accepted so I sent it over and it wasn’t ??? So I emailed support with the birth certificate again and a bank statement but nothing

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great Casino

I don't understand why this reviews are soo low. Literally the fastest withdrawals in the casino ever. Funds are in the bank in 5 hours after the withdrawal. Good variety of games. Great selection of free spins and bonuses daily. Life chat is a bit annoying as there is no human present. Although casino can be also contacted via e mail. Honestly I think the competition wrote this rabbish reviews as once you join the ICE36 you would stop playing anywhere else.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Bad withdrawal …

I was told that my withdrawal would take 2 hours to process but after waiting 3 hours I contacted them through live chat and was told my withdrawal was being processed as we speak but I checked my account and nothing has been done regarding my withdrawal

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Withhold winnings and terrible customer service

Have taken 5 days and still not processed a withdrawal. Keep emailing me asking for random details over and over again, I reply and provide the details, no one replies. Awful customer service aswell as withholding winnings.More than happy to take a deposit though. Criminal casino. Will be submitting a complaint to the gambling commissionBefore I receive the standard reply from ice36. I have already submitted all documents and have been approved 5 days ago. So please provide a solution instead of the same copy and paste replyIn response to your reply. I have sent approximately 7 emails with no reply so your statement that someone will respond, is incorrect. I don't believe I have submitted all documents and they have been verified, your website physically tells me they have been verified so again, there is no reason that you should not process the withdrawal.This has now been 8 days since I processed the withdrawal eith zero hope or sign that you are even remotely going to process it. Again, more than happy to take money within seconds as a deposit.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Sour grapes 🍇 resulting in bad losers!

Some of these reviews are laughable a case of sour grapes 🍇.Ice36 is a multi network casino operated by skills on the net.I have joined almost all of the sister sites Luna casino masked singer to name a few.I have had no issues with deposit and withdrawals and would award the company 5 stars had the withdrawal process been quicker.The only issue I have with this network is the live chat. I don't appreciate talking to a bot . You get multiple choice solutions and could be there for hours waiting to actually speaking to a real person.The games play well no crashes which is the gamblers nightmare.So my experience of this site and the sister sites is all positive.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Worst casino I've ever used ,would…

Worst casino I've ever used ,would avoid it like the plague if I was you , I play on many casinos and most give you a fair go for your money however this casino has 0 rtp ,stay away

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've contacted an independent site (ask…

I've contacted an independent site (ADR) to try and resolve the issue im having with this site. I have been a customer since December, sent my documents, and received an email saying they were verified. I have been depositing and playing without issue. Tried to make a withdrawal, and it was blocked because they wanted the exact same documents they already verified. Sent them again, and it said they would be verified within 12 hours. It's been days now, but I still can't withdraw, and the customer support is non-existent. Seems they will do anything to avoid a payout. Avoid !!!!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

My deposit money got…

My deposit money got vanished/disappeared from my account 15 min while I was playing a legion gold slot! total Scam, let alone winning from this site they eat your real money by disappearing them from your real money balance, contacted their poor chat support they come up with response saying your bonus money will get expired, hello I’m talking about the real money balance which I deposited 15 min ago, I have taking the first step by contacting resolver, I can see so many unhappy customers in here, if your issues hasn’t been solved get in touch with resolver and have this type of scam casino sites licence cancelled, do your gambling community a favour act now fellas, follow up on the reply from ice36, a simple answer is needed where none of ice36 rep were able to Convince me, why my £39 real balance disappeared from my account? Then after this review it was re added but attached to a 0.01p balance? Why? Still ice36 didn’t give me a clear answer to this, as I couldn’t reply so I had to give an update in the original review, I have contacted ice36 a 100 times asking them to add my £39 real money that was vanished from my account, they added the £39 playing smart attached to a £0.01p outstanding bonus I had from the rigged 10 dead free spins I got as level upgrade? my real money balance had nothing to do with that £0.01p bonus, why did ice36 attached the £0.01p bonus to my real money balance? When I cancelled the £0.01p so I could make a withdrawal my relay money balance vanished again? I know how bonus works and you must do the wagering before you can make a withdrawal, but this had nothing to do with my relay money balance, the UK gambling commission has made so easy for scammers site like ice36 and genting casino to obtain a licence to operate, but don’t watch how you operate here in UK? Will do my very best to damage Ice36 reputation at least I get my money back, once it’s been 15 days I will make a claim through my bank by not receiving the service I have paid for, loosing money doesn’t hurt, but getting scammed dose, happy safer gambling fellas

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Really do pay out !!

I won’t lie I read these reviews and nearly passed out thinking I wouldn’t receive my funds a significant amount over 2000 pounds - anyhu it came into my account after 4 days ! Then I was like thank god I got it deposited 10 and withdrew 50 this time received it after 2 days - the customer service is limited agreed however they do pay out just don’t accept any bonus and be willing to wait around 4 days for first payout - and they honestlydo these reviews made me so nervous - but they do pay our !

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars


Hello, your customer service is very bad.....there's no way to contact you....I'm waiting for a very long time for you to confirm the documments ....and I could transfer the winnings to my bank accountplease fix everything and respect your customers more and make it easy for the customer to contact customer service

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Do not use

Do not use. Nightmare getting your money.I’ve asked for my account to be closed after they’ve processed my withdrawal, closed my account and still don’t have my money. What a joke48 hours later and still nothing. Gone to resolver to help me

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars



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