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These people are con artists. You can not win money on this site period. they promise you bonuses , and they do not give them , or they become very evasive about it. you have to ask for your bonuses and make deals with them to get what they promised you. I constantly have to ask for it and their games are totally rigged. Please don't play here!!!

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Nice and warm support and a nice…

Nice and warm support and a nice variety of games to play

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Avoid this website

They dont want to delete my account and he payout fee is also freaking high. Scammers.

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Not fair

Hello, I recently played on this site it looked nice I played a few games than I accendently clicked on something all my profit was like gone , I tried to talk to live chat they couldn’t help me so I’m trying to get my money back on the site like it’s not fair I didn’t see a waring or something ,

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Mensen niet hierop spelen na wat…

Mensen niet hierop spelen na wat bedragen te hebben gewonnen op uitbetalen gedrukt tot heden staat er nog steeds op pending, 2,5 dag bezig met mails sturen heen en weer en enig wat ik voor antwoord krijg is “My friend, you've already been explained everything.Your withdrawal requests are still waiting to be approved by our finance department, they are under security check right now.All you need is to just wait a bit “

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Hello The worst casino I have ever had…

Hello The worst casino I have ever had an account at. Winning is almost a miracle, they charge €20 for withdrawals. Fraudsters are focused only on stealing money. Even if the game allows you to win anything, some ridiculous amount of money, it will still take everything from you. Terrible crap, I don't recommend it. Give a wide berth

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Mark was an excellent help with my…

Mark was an excellent help with my account

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Not legal in the Netherlands!!!

Before creating an account at I have been advertised by your company. Thinking that your company (Casbit Group) has the necessary license and regulations to operate in the Netherlands. I have created an account and started playing by using your platform.After a while I got suspicious and asked your customer support if you have the right license to operate in the Netherlands and they have sent me What’sApp messages with a Dutch mobile phone saying that your company is a licensed operator which is not the case in the Netherlands. Not knowingly I continued using your platform.After losing €27.000 euro’s on your platform and asking my local authorities if you can operate in the Netherlands legally I came to the conclusion that your activities are violating the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act(KSA).After trying to explain this to the customer support they have blocked my account immediately and are extremely slow in providing service (which was not the case while spending money, they were very fast).By using your platform I have not been provided by safety, regulations, rules and law which are set in the Netherlands.These terms violate Dutch law and regulations therefore, I would like to receive my €27,000 euro’s back and this way resolve this issue before taking any other types of measures.UPDATE: They told me that they would refund an amount of ~ €21,000. This will be in parts as they can’t refund the entire amount at once. I will give an update as soon as I have received my money.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very good casino with quick cash out!


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Scam bonus conditions

Dont waste your money on these scammers, reported lisense holder.. Max payout is 10x deposit... canselled my 1100euro withdrawel and then put 220euro in my account due to my deposit was 22 euro.. scam scam scam

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great customer service


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Please people.....Don't do it!!!

Please people.....Don't do it!!!I am from the Netherlands and i am still waiting of my money from august 2023. It's about 2700 euro! Now we are 4! months ahead and i still didn't receive any money.I contact the supportteam. They have zero authority and there advice is to contact the VIP Manager. The advice of the VIP Manager is to contact support team. Also the bank department won't help me.I really think that all the communicationtime with the VIP Manager, supportteam and bank department is higher then my winnings of 2700 euro.Nobody from LALA bet helped me with this matter, ...and that's really frustrating!So please people, really don't do it!!

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Long withdrawl time, bad costumer support

I started on this casino with a very good opinion. Had some winnings and loses and took some withdrawls. Most of the Time the withdrawls would be checked within 2h and sent. But 3 days ago I did a withdrawal of a good amount and the withdrawl is still pending. Even there chatbot says it takes 2 days but that’s not the case here. I try to get some information from the support but nobody responds. Even the so called vip manager also don’t respond or they give a coppy past responds. Finally after 3 days the vip manager responds and tells me that my account is being investigated according to security concerns. Wich is utterly nonsens because I play with a normal bank and have no weerd transactions. It’s really frustrating. So if you are going to play here. Take this in mind.

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This is a scam people dont do…

This is a scam people dont do this !!! They dont send youre money back!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I dont understand why people is…

I dont understand why people is complaining. I had already more then 3 withdrawals from €10.500,00 with netherlands bank account. And everything arrived on my bank within maximum of 3 days. And maximum 2 days of approval. And i started 1 november.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Lala.Bet is not a fair company

Lala.Bet is not a fair company. One day (while I was still asleep), they randomly deducted 750 euros from my account and added it to the account. You can request a refund for this, but it takes 3 days. Then, while playing (roulette), there was an incident where I placed 500 euros on 13-24, and the ball landed on 24. So, a total of 1500 euros. The wheel just started spinning again as if nothing had happened, and then it landed on a number outside of 13 and 24. So, 500 euros were gone, actually 1500 euros. This company is not trustworthy; all alarm bells are going off now after such experiences, and I regret playing here when there are sites that pay out on the same day, faster, and are more reliable.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I had some withdrawls before

I had some withdrawls before. Immediately aproved but took a rather long time, but they came on my bankaccount. Now the last withdrawl is "pending" for over a week now. Try chat. First autobot and then an employee who writes the same answers as the autobot. If you hold on you get the answer "you will have to wait a wile" They earn your losses, take €20,00 of your gains for costs and keep your withdrawls as long as they want to. Needs improvement. Otherwise nice games and bonusses.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Good casino


Date of experience: {{new Date(Number("1698267600000")).toLocaleDateString("en-US", { weekday: 'long', year: 'numeric', month: 'long', day: 'numeric' })}}

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great service

Great service, deposit methods and withdrawal time is nice as well!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars



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About Lalabet

Information written by the company

LalaBet Casino is een toonaangevend online gokplatform dat een buitengewone spelervaring biedt. Dit casino onderscheidt zich door zijn indrukwekkende aanbiedingen, uitstekende klantenservice en een breed scala aan spellen. In deze beschrijving zal ik meer vertellen over deze aspecten en waarom Lalabet Casino een uitstekende keuze is voor liefhebbers van online gokken.


Bij LalaBet Casino kun je genieten van drie verleidelijke stortingsbonussen. Met een minimale storting van €5 en een inzetvereiste van 40 keer het aanbod, word je verwend met waardevolle beloningen. Waar wacht je nog op? Ontdek de betovering van deze welkomstbonussen en ervaar een onvergetelijke spelervaring!


Bij LalaBet Casino worden verschillende betaalmethoden geaccepteerd, waaronder Pix, Hipercard en populaire cryptocurrencies zoals Bitcoin, Ethereum en Tether. Daarnaast kunnen Nederlandse spelers ook gebruikmaken van Volt, iDeal en Astropay. Het casino heeft een uitgebreide lijst van geaccepteerde betaalmethoden om aan de behoeften van spelers te voldoen. Bij het uitvoeren van een opname hebben we positieve ervaringen gehad met Bitcoin, waarbij we ons geld binnen vijf dagen ontvingen.

LalaBet Casino Spellen

Een ander indrukwekkend aspect van Lalabet Casino is de variëteit aan spellen die ze aanbieden. Ze werken samen met vooraanstaande softwareleveranciers, zoals NetEnt, Microgaming en Play'n GO, om een uitgebreide collectie van slots, tafelspellen, live casinospellen en meer te kunnen presenteren. Of je nu van klassieke fruitmachines, spannende videoslots, blackjack, roulette of baccarat houdt, je zult zeker iets vinden wat bij jouw voorkeuren past. Bovendien wordt de spelbibliotheek regelmatig bijgewerkt met de nieuwste releases, zodat spelers altijd kunnen genieten van de meest recente en populaire spellen in de gokwereld.


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